Why Contactacoat?

The previous practice of sand in paint to help provide traction is no longer adequate for the increased speed of dogs over contact equipment coupled with the angles of approach set by some judges.

The Contactacoat rubber chip provides the ultimate in traction for our dogs giving them confidence to approach at ever increasing speeds.

Although not a scientific study but more anecdotal evidence from judges and competitors who have experienced Contactacoat surfaced equipment, dogs miss contacts less often due to the confidence it gives them travelling at the higher speeds we constantly demand of them.

The only thing handlers have to get used to is the lack of sound!!


But why not rubber skins?

There is quite a range available and the traction offered to the dog varies between them.
Some rubber skins are compacted way too much and offer little more traction than the old sand-in-paint.
They contain more material and have to be pre-made so the cost is greater.
Due to the increased material content the weight is far greater - as much as 4 times - very important when it comes to moving your equipment!
Your equipment still needs preparing as it would before applying Contactacoat.


What do you supply in the kits?

Each Contactacoat kit contains:

  • Rubber chip of your chosen contact colour
  • Rubber chip of your chosen main colour
  • Bottle(s) of polyurethane binder
  • 1 plastic measuring jug
  • 1 spreader
  • 1 pair of nitrile gloves
  • Appropriate set of detailed instructions


What colours of rubber chip are available?

We currently stock the following rubber chip colours:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Cream
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Purple
  • White
  • Black
  • Pink

If there is sufficient demand other colours could be available, so do please Contact Us with your requirements.


How much weight is added to the equipment?

Applied at the specified quantities in the detailed instructions, approximately 2.2kg is added to each Dog-Walk plank and the See-Saw and just over 6kg for each A-Frame ramp.
This is significantly lighter than any of the prepared skins or rubber matting - very important when it comes to moving your equipment!


Can I apply Contactacoat over existing slats?

Yes you can. However, as you will be using Contactacoat to refurbish your equipment there is an opportunity to dispense with your slats especially if any are past their sell-by date.

Because the Contactacoat rubber chip surface gives great traction in all weather conditions, an increasing number of customers have chosen to dispense with slats from their A-Frame and Dog-Walk completely! - Initial feedback suggests that this causes no issues!
There is an increasing body of evidence to show that slats are responsible for toe and wrist injuries.


Can I apply Contactacoat directly on to my existing contact equipment?

Yes, but again as you will be using Contactacoat to refurbish your equipment there is an opportunity to spend some time on preparation to give a really professional smart finish.

As any professional decorator will tell you, preparation is the key to a great finish and will increase the longevity of use.

If you purchased the rubber slats you will need to remove the old ones first. Then clean any dirt, grease and loose paint. It is suggested that you re-paint or use a weather stain such as in the Cuprinol Garden Shades range in a colour close to the rubber chip to give a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Any new paint/stain needs to be fully cured before applying Contactacoat.


How long will it take me to apply Contactacoat?

Just a couple of hours - however, it's the preparation and curing that will take the most time.

The ramp should be dry before even starting any preparation and any re-painting needs to fully cured (you will need to follow the paint manufacturers instructions) before applying Contactacoat. Once Contactacoat has been applied the ramp then needs to be left for the binder to fully set, 2-3 days depending on temperature and humidity (it's quicker the warmer and more humid!), before running dogs over the equipment.


How long will the surface last?

This is dependant on a number of factors such as how well the equipment was prepared before application, what weather conditions the equipment faces and how many dogs actually run over them.

The first applications of Contactacoat where done in New Zealand in April 2005. Those pieces are still being used with little sign of wear and tear.

Contactacoat surfaced agility equipment is used in many agility schools in the USA since 2008/9 with many classes of dogs using these regularly, also with little sign of wear and tear.

The rubber chip and binder used in Contactacoat is globally the product of choice by highly specialised installers for use within the Sports and Play industries and the rubber chip offers much better colour consistency throughout, and superior UV stability to EPDM and colour coated SBR granules.

In the future, should your equipment show signs of wear, we can supply maintenance kits. Please Contact Us for further details.


How do I clean the contacts?

Wash with warm water and detergent using a soft broom.


I'm concerned about training on a surface that is not being used in competition?

The Contactacoat rubber chip surface provides the ultimate in traction for our dogs.

Contact equipment from all the leading equipment hirers come with a rubber chip surface which are being used at the majority of shows in Great Britain.


Can logos be incorporated into the surface?

With a little careful use of masking tape anything is possible!



Is Contactacoat approved by the Kennel Club, UK Agility and the FCI?

All these organisations require the contact equipment to have a non-slip surface.
Both the Kennel Club and UK Agility have announced that any events they run will be on rubber chip surfaced equipment.

We believe that the traction achieved with Contactacoat far exceeds any other non-slip surface currently available.


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